Tim Piatt for State Representative

Prepared to Serve You

I’ve worked as a busboy in a restaurant, a bus driver and an educator of students with special needs. I’m an Ohioan, a husband and a father. Today, I have a solid legal background — fighting for equity and justice in the workplace.

As someone who has spent 9 years as a loving and concerned father, 12 years as an adoring husband, over 15 years as a professional, and many years advocating for workers and children, I can make an immediate impact for the people in the 36th District and for all of Ohio. My preparation turned me into the leader I am today — and the leader I will be for this district.

What does that mean to you? It means I understand and identify with the challenges that you and your family face every day. And, I’m equipped with the experience and the drive to represent your best interests and fight for the change that needs to happen now.

I’m asking for your vote.

– Tim