Ohio has plummeted from 5th to 22nd in quality of education.

I will focus on ensuring access to high-quality pre-K for every child in Ohio. I’ll fight to give teachers and school staff all the resources they need to help our children succeed. I’ll strive to make post-secondary education accessible and affordable.  When every child is given support and opportunity, all of Ohio benefits.

I would provide incentives like student loan forgiveness for high-quality teachers to not only teach in struggling schools, but to live in the district. I would pursue a highly aggressive teacher recruitment program to assure that our students are being taught by the best teachers. Finally, I would ask the business community what incentives they would need to invest in these districts. 


Ohio now ranks 40th among all states on America’s Health Rankings.

Ohio needs a healthcare system that is more “user friendly” for patients and providers.  Too often, legislators meet with insurance companies and big-money donors to draft a healthcare approach.  I will sit down with the people who are actually involved in the healthcare system, providers and patients. I’ll ask what they think needs done. Then, I’ll utilize their thoughts and ideas to implement an Ohio healthcare system that is easier to interact with and gets the job done both effectively and economically.

Jobs & Entrepreneurship

The United States has 9.2% more jobs than in 2000, yet Ohio has 2.4% fewer jobs.

As your representative, I will promote balance in job creation through quality industrial recruitment and small business creation.  Every day, I deal with negotiations between employers and workers.  I have the experience needed to make sure that both sides benefit in the long-term.  As a Union attorney, I also believe in organizing and collective bargaining.  So-called “right to work” laws are dangerous and unnecessary. I will fight with everything I have to make sure they are never implemented in Ohio and I will make sure that entrepreneurs have additional resources to better their chances of success.

Opioid Crisis

Ohio leads that nation in opioid and heroin deaths.

Like so many of you, I have attended too many funerals for friends and family who have fallen victim to opioid and other drug addictions.  We must attack the root cause of the issue and make sure that pharmaceutical companies are held responsible if they are reckless with their marketing and distribution of dangerous drugs.  We must also provide every possible resource to help those caught in the downward spiral of addiction find the help they need.  And not just the first time, but every time.


Ohio is ranked a dismal 42nd in economic health.

It is critical that we ensure Ohio’s long-term financial stability for generations to come.  This means shoring up our pension programs so our fellow citizens, who have worked their entire lives, have a dignified and fulfilling retirement.  I will strive to return to a time when the state government provided resources to our local communities instead of tearing money away from them. I want to make sure that Ohio is attractive for young professionals to settle for the long-term.  We must find way to forgive student loan debt in return for taking up residence in Ohio. This is a sure-fire way to keep Ohio prosperous both now and in the future.

Public Safety

According to FBI statistics, Ohio is the 20th safest state in the country, making us simply mediocre.

We must make sure our neighborhoods, public places, and schools are safe from senseless violence.  This means providing resources to law enforcement and first responders for training and necessary equipment.  It also means providing resources to families and local communities to help with the recognition and treatment of mental illness as well as educating all our citizens so we can remove the stigma that comes from all forms of mental diseases.  I believe in responsible gun ownership to include universal background checks and bans on assault weapons and bump stocks.  I will be a tireless advocate of protecting our citizens and getting our kids home from school safely.


Women in Ohio are paid 78% of what men are paid in equal positions.

All of Ohio’s citizens need to be treated as equals and not subject to improper conduct or treatment from any person or entity.  Regardless of a person’s race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or sexual identity, everyone deserves to be treated with respect and dignity.  I will fight to make sure our LGBTQ community is protected from discrimination like every other Ohio citizen. I will make it a priority to eliminate the income and wage inequality that impacts women and people of color and I will fight for protection in the workplace for every woman.


Currently, the way Ohio’s redistricting commission is formed is flawed.

If one political party holds the office of Governor, Auditor and Secretary of State they control the redistricting recommendation to the legislature. This must change. Each major party should have an equal number of appointments to the redistricting commission with an emphasis on expertise, gender and racial parity. Elected officials and their appointees should be excluded. We must stop the endless gerrymandering.

Voting Access

Ohio has stopped short of making voting easy for many citizens.

Initially, I would work to ensure compliance with laws like the Voting Rights Act (VRA) and the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA), Further, I would make sure there are polls in convenient places and would explore the idea of mobile polling places. There must be same-day registration and voting. I would provide early voting on every day of the week and would make it easy and free to vote by mail. I would greatly expand the list of documents a person could use to prove his or her identity

Resolving Differences and Political Conflict

The endless bickering between political parties must stop!

In my years as a labor attorney, I continually work through political differences. I first try to set a clear, concrete goal that everyone can agree on. I then break that goal down into small parts and address each of those parts with the other side. The key is to listen and honestly engage with the other side. It’s a matter of knowing why the other side thinks the way it does and then utilizing that knowledge to achieve the common goal.